Join me as I explore collage, photography, and printmaking. I combine my digital photos, scanned prints, collages, and ephemera into many-layered, textured compositions. Have a look, share your thoughts, stay in touch!

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very small rocks

A strong line of repeated paper scraps becomes even more rugged when it’s digitally transformed to dark blue to contrast with the copper layers.

The original collage started with a family trip to Paris. I was strolling along the Seine where the Paris bouquinistes (booksellers) offer their wares from carts along the river. I found a book so old, the pages were uncut and still in folios, perfect for ripping up! To that, I added detail with textured wallpaper recycled as gift wrapping, and some dark blue accent scraps and tissue paper.

Working digitally, I’ve added layers of castle stone, a foggy tree horizon, a gelatin monoprint, a Skagit valley farmhouse, marbling detail, and more stone texture overlay.

Very Small Rocks
Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest
Original: 6788×6788 pixels, 17 layers
Based on day 018 of my daily collage project, 2013-2014.

Available on 24×24″ aluminum at artEAST: $795.
Or, order this work as a print, pillow, or tote bag here:
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Available as a card, cropped to traditional proportions, here:
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