What if traditional boundaries of art didn’t matter? I’m exploring the lines between photography, collage, and printmaking; between hands-on and technology. I call it digital collage. Join me: share your thoughts, stay in touch!

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The Productivity of Puttering

Eventually I will come up with a body of work. By some time next summer, I will have spotted a theme, discovered a concept, made enough art that fits it, and will be busy telling its stories.

But not now. Not in the middle of December, where it’s gray outside, where for the moment, we’re not in the middle of a storm. This? This is the time when there’s a gaping void. Where I have no direction. Where it feels scary every day without that structure that a body of work provides.

Now is the time to putter. To play. To do all the things that the articles about creativity tell you to do. Make mistakes! Quiet your inner editor! And so on, and so on. I’m here to tell you, that idyllic and easy as that sounds, it’s anything but. That piece or two I mess with today? What if it’s the one? The one that starts the thread of my new direction? Worse, what if it’s not?

But play I shall, whether I feel like it or not. Which may just be a long-winded way to tell you that what you see here is NOT ground-breaking new work. It’s what I think might be just okay, as it comes out of the sandbox. And that’s just fine.

For now, not knowing where this will go, I’m looking at some of the collages from my daily project, the ones I didn’t use this year — smaller, vertical or horizontal layouts rather than square — and seeing if I can match them up with a photo in my collection. And throwing some textures in there, because, you know, that’s what I do.

Moral of the story: putter away! No perfect plan required. Want to join me? I post my work in progress as @lizruest on Instagram, and would love to see what catches your eye, too.


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