What if traditional boundaries of art didn’t matter? I’m exploring the lines between photography, collage, and printmaking; between hands-on and technology. I call it digital collage. Join me: share your thoughts, stay in touch!

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Buy my artFind what’s on display with the View menu, including artEAST Art Center‘s gallery in Issaquah, WA. See something you like? Check the Buy menu to order directly from redbubble.com. Or let me know of any custom requests — happy to help!

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Studio Sale

It’s time for some of my pieces to move on, and artEAST is helping. They’re having a Studio Sale: we gallery artists get to clean out our workrooms and bring you discounted work and spare supplies. Like anything you see? These pieces are 33% to 50% off!

To see these pieces, join me this weekend in Issaquah:

Where: artEAST, 95 Front St N, Issaquah
When: Friday through Sunday, January 23-25

Who knows what you might find?


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