What if traditional boundaries of art didn’t matter? I’m exploring the lines between photography, collage, and printmaking; between hands-on and technology. I call it digital collage. Join me: share your thoughts, stay in touch!

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Show: VALA Springtime Installation

VALA springtime showMy piece Trespass has been accepted into the spring show at VALA! Would you like to meet me up there for a viewing? I checked out the space a few weeks ago, and it’s a lovely mix of show and working artist spaces.

There is a reception on Friday, March 6th, but unfortunately I’m out of town. The event I can make is a month later, on Slow Art Day: April 11, 1-3 pm. Or any day in between, except for that darn first weekend in March. Whaddya say?


  • Friday, March 6, 6-8 pm
  • Saturday, April 11, 1-3 pm
  • Or any Wednesday to Sunday, 11-5 pm
  • Redmond Town Center
  • 16409 NE 74th St

Let me know what works, and I’ll meet you there.

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