Join me as I explore collage, photography, and printmaking. I combine my digital photos, scanned prints, collages, and ephemera into many-layered, textured compositions. Have a look, share your thoughts, stay in touch!

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Collage: From Concept to Reality

When I started pasting paper in sketchbooks almost a year ago, my collage project, while real enough, was more of a conceptual exercise. Could I even do this for a full year, I wondered? Now that many of the compositions have been scanned, and some released from their bindings, conceptual doesn’t apply any more. Presenting the collages I’ve made more real!

These pieces have been mounted to wood panels, sealed with clear self-leveling acrylic gel, and finished with matte varnish. Watch this space as each piece gets its own post, starting off the body of work for the year!

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