Last Chance!

Fair warning: my portfolio is going to get a cleanup in the new year. These pieces are still some of my favorites, but they’ve passed their best-by date. Get them on redbubble — print your own version — or take advantage of the images I printed up, before I withdraw them.

Here, as a sample, are the images above, from left to right, and their current availability.

Here’s what’s going to happen: during January, I’m going to review my current inventory, both printed and on redbubble, and remove older images that I think are past their prime. Anything from 2012 or earlier is fair game, like the pieces above, as is anything a bit newer with low traffic.

What you can do: visit my redbubble portfolio and let me know your favorite images: I track sales, comments, and favorites. Or visit artEAST and grab one of my prints. Or contact me about any of my larger inventory that you’d like to have in your home, if you think they’d look better on your wall than in my garage!

Chime in!