Aluminum Prints

Aluminum is a great choice for a modern look. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and hard to damage. Clean the surface with any commercial glass cleaner, and as with any fine art, avoid direct sunlight, to have your print last for many years.

My prints on aluminum are produced by Bay Photo. Their trademarked process for creating these metal prints is very durable: the image is created by infusing dyes into a special coating on the aluminum. BayPhoto’s testing revealed that their aluminum prints were 2 to 4 times better for image stability than traditional photo processes.

BayPhoto offers custom sizes up to 8 feet wide, different surface finishes (shiny, satin, matte), and flush frames in several colors. See more details here. I’ll have some opinions on all those choices, based on what I think works best with the image you choose, but do let me know what your preferences are.