Lines, Letters & Love

Come see this piece of mine among wonderful work in the artEAST Valentine’s show: Friday, January 14th (reception 6-8 pm) through February 15th.

Sooke Harbour Art

At Sooke Harbour House last weekend, I was delighted to be surrounded by wonderful art. When I asked where I could see the gallery, I was told “Everywhere!” and so it was. I wandered around the several floors and hallways and found a great collection of local artists to enjoy. Highlights: Jill Winstanley: Lisa Hebden:…

Show Submission

I am submitting to a juried show! (Gulp.) artEAST is calling for entries along the theme “Lines, Letters, and Love” and I think this piece is a good fit. It’s a digital collage that I transferred to canvas. The layers include a wedding photo of my great-grandparents and a scan of my grandparents’ marriage certificate….

Acrylic Transfers

Digital photographs, composition, and manipulation are great fun, but I do miss the hands-on aspect of art. I’m playing with acrylic transfers as a way to combine both worlds. I’ve tried transfers before, as a way to incorporate imagery into collage pieces. But this article posted by Blue Mitchell reminded me that I could use…

Calendars and Cards and Prints, Oh My!

My most recent work is now available at RedBubble, which looks to be a great artist community with some fun format options. RedBubble offers framing, canvas prints, and greeting cards, as well as matted, laminated, or mounted prints. But I think my favorite is the calendar! It’s always updated to the current year. Check them…

Sightline Show

My latest work, now on display at Sightline Institute, on the 5th floor of the lovely Joseph Vance building, 1402 Third Ave, Seattle. Prices range from $100 to $250; sales tax and a 10% donation to Sightline are included.

Twittering for a Good Cause

Call for Twitter artists: details here. Please join us! An artist I follow on Twitter, David Sandum, had a fabulous idea. He’s asked all his Twitter friends (and their friends, and so on…) to submit postcard art for a global show. He’ll be displaying the works at his local library in Moss, Norway, who will…