absence of best

There is no perfect. Digital collage, 10 layers, © 2020 Liz Ruest

the knowledge of this

Buildings appearing & disappearing with the weather. Digital collage, 13 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

like an amulet

Hints of encroaching development. Digital collage, 29 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

something hidden

Printmaking marks as horizon. Digital collage, 10 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

behind my eyes

Old meets new. Digital collage, 14 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

who can remember

Distant memories of city windows. Digital collage, 11 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

too deep to see

Anchored for future buffeting. Digital collage, 22 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

not quite within

Looking for the answers as you move on. Digital collage, 38 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest