something hidden

Printmaking marks as horizon. Digital collage, 10 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

behind my eyes

Old meets new. Digital collage, 14 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

who can remember

Distant memories of city windows. Digital collage, 11 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

too deep to see

Anchored for future buffeting. Digital collage, 22 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

not quite within

Looking for the answers as you move on. Digital collage, 38 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

not in the mind

When life throws a few curves. Digital collage, 12 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

only a word

Even known landscapes change over time. Digital collage, 20 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

comes first to the hill

Clinging to the greatness of the industrial revolution. Digital collage, 60 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

nether millstone

Gritty streets salvaged by the odd tree and warm colors. Digital collage, 100 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest