Kilt Rock View

At the cliff’s edge, serenity. Digital collage, 9 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

something hidden

Printmaking marks as horizon. Digital collage, 10 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

Applecross Pass

How to get to Applecross. Digital collage, 15 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest


Grab a buddy for support. Digital collage, 22 layers, © 2017 Liz Ruest


Overlapping trees glow when combined. Digital collage, 25 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest


The way forward — follow the path to the horizon. Digital collage, 13 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

connoted mobility

Making decisions on the path of life. Digital collage, 38 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

comes first to the hill

Clinging to the greatness of the industrial revolution. Digital collage, 60 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest