too deep to see

Anchored for future buffeting. Digital collage, 22 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

not quite within

Looking for the answers as you move on. Digital collage, 38 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

not in the mind

When life throws a few curves. Digital collage, 12 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

only a word

Even known landscapes change over time. Digital collage, 20 layers © 2017 Liz Ruest

Show: Abstract at EAFA

One of my abstract pieces in a new venue: EAFA Gallery in Kirkland, WA, January & February.

Collages Two Ways

What happens when I take collages along both a digital and analog path?

promise long

Urban decay, depicted in warmer than usual colors. Digital collage, 53 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

will thrive

The edge of the city blends with horizons in the distance. Digital collage, 80 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

ends well

Historical contrasts with modern in cities everywhere. Digital collage, 2 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

very small rocks

A strong line of repeated paper scraps becomes even more rugged when it’s digitally transformed to dark blue to contrast with the copper layers. Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 17 layers