Room to Breathe

The peace of a morning mist. Digital collage, 17 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest


The way forward — follow the path to the horizon. Digital collage, 13 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

connoted mobility

Making decisions on the path of life. Digital collage, 38 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest


The Santa Monica surf, roughed up even more. Digital collage, 32 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest


A working boat at rest. Digital collage, 25 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

pence and the pound

A typical Scottish building silhouette. Digital collage, 24 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

very small rocks

A strong line of repeated paper scraps becomes even more rugged when it’s digitally transformed to dark blue to contrast with the copper layers. Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 17 layers