beyond its reach

Drama in the sky. Digital collage, 13 layers © 2018 Liz Ruest

The British Landscape

Just back from my third visit to Scotland, and it’s still true: there’s something so compelling and inspirational about the British countryside. Here’s one of my compositions from there, Dale. Compared to the long views of the Skagit Valley farmland, the horizons in England and Scotland have a more immediate focal point. Trees and old buildings…

Holiday Images

Winter is nigh! As we turned the clocks back, and the evenings, and soon mornings, are now darker, I thought about how much I appreciate a welcoming light, inside and outside our homes and businesses. In case you agree,  I rounded up a collection of light- and lamp-based images from some of my favorite cities….


An abandoned village looks even more forsaken with a looming sky.


An empty town that feels like a memory. Digital collage © 2012 Liz Ruest.


Fading flowers. Digital collage © 2012 Liz Ruest


A beach at the end of the road. Digital collage © 2012 Liz Ruest, 29 layers


A lonely town on the North Sea of England was once buzzing with coal. Digital collage © 2011 Liz Ruest, 16 layers


Oh, England and your idyllic countryside! Digital collage © 2011 Liz Ruest, 42 layers