fricative clause

Wind and waves restore peace. Digital collage, 96 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

to evade alienation

Refreshing your outlook by heading outside. Digital collage, 88 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

finite rambling

Resting up until ready. Digital collage, 56 layers © 2016 Liz Ruest

into the fire

Fire and flame elicited from the sun setting on Edinburgh stone. Digital collage, 8 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

by its cover

Correspondence between town and country. Digital collage, 107 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

good intentions

The promise of adventure. Digital collage, 16 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

nether millstone

Gritty streets salvaged by the odd tree and warm colors. Digital collage, 100 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

not all that you see

Instant affinity for a lone dwelling. Digital collage, 9 layers © 2015 Liz Ruest

keep him in

A cool glass of refreshment in the back garden. Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 17 layers

Collage #340

Maps as color blocks. Paper collage © 2014 Liz Ruest