Inspired by Fiber

I was excited to apply to a local show, Stitch, which encouraged non-fiber artists to apply. Boy, you can’t get more non-fiber than me! As I ran around the house gathering texture images from all kinds of knitted, crocheted, and hand-sewn pieces, though, I realized just how much of an inspiration it really is.

Digital collage © 2012 Liz Ruest
One of the pieces I submitted, shown, is a detail from my grandmother’s trousseau, a beautiful peach nightgown with lace.

I hadn’t considered just how many lovely handmade things I have around me, passed down from family members, or made by talented artists. Each piece was another source for beautiful texture, color, and detail. An old velvet quilt that is barely holding together, the crochet work on the edge of a pillowcase, lace and silk that belonged to my grandmother: all are begging to be layered in my digital creations.

As Christine Goldbeck discusses in her blog post, Preserving Love of Print in the Digital Age, we can love both the old traditions and modern technology. In fact, it’s fun to mix them up for contrast. So, like Christine, I’m using old-fashioned handmade craft as inspiration in my digital work. I didn’t get into the show, but I may just have found inspiration for my next portfolio!

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  1. Oooh, I LOVE this! What a great idea. :)

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