2013 Portfolio: Threads

Fini! Welcome to my 2013 portfolio — I think it’s finished!

Stem: Digital collage © 2013 Liz Ruest

In French class, the verbs “to have” and “to be” are confusing to English speakers. It turns out that you can’t say “I am finished” much as you’d like to; you must say “I have finished.” In French, the former (Je suis fini) means you’re dead! Of course, once we caught on to this, it was fun to try & shock the teacher…

Interface: Digital collage © 2013 Liz Ruest

So how do I know when I’m finished? I try not to let it be just done because I’m tired from struggling with the piece. Sometimes, the image catches me with a gasp, a glimpse of the perfection I’m looking for, so that I could almost faint away. At that point, je suis fini et aussi, j’ai fini! If I haven’t reached some version of that point, it’s not done.

Weft: Digital collage © 2013 Liz Ruest

Finished applies to the whole body of work as well. What makes a full collection? I like an even number of pieces, a common theme, a common look or palette, and as it turns out, enough variety of format to break up the eye. While a series focused completely on horizontal pieces sounded great at the time, the collection as a whole was monotonous. I needed some vertical pieces! I’ve kept the horizon line and handmade fiber as common threads, but now the group of images looks right together. I hope you agree!


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