Flying House Sale: Save the Date!

Digital collage (c) 2012 Liz RuestI’m delighted to be returning to the 8th Annual Flying House Art & Craft Sale at the end of April, and I hope you can come by. Great people, wonderful art and crafts, all in a lovely setting.


270 NE Birch Street, Issaquah, WA
Saturday, April 27, 11am to 5pm
Sunday, April 28, 11am to 5pm

I’ll have Sleepy back from its run at University House Issaquah, on aluminum, but I’m still working on what else to bring. Let me know if there’s a piece you’d like to see in person, or a particular finish.

Update: See the pieces I decided on here.

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  1. I’d love to see Bones, Windup, and Remnants! My 2012 faves. :)

  2. Maddy Barton-Hill says:

    If I lived closer I would be there and would love to see ALL your pieces!

  3. Liz Ruest says:

    Laurie: Noted! Maddy: Thanks!

  4. Marja says:

    Looking forward to seeing all of your work! :)

  5. Liz Ruest says:

    Likewise, Marja!

  6. Filio says:

    I hope you share your experiences, after you’ve had a chance to recoup from your adventures at the Flying House Art & Craft Sale… (love the name). I’m always interested in how these events work out for artists.

  7. Liz Ruest says:

    Thanks, Filio! Will do. Last year’s sale was a first for me, and was wonderful on several levels: I met some great people, had friends come by, and sold several pieces. Our host does a great job curating!

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