Technique: Microscopic Details

For some of the detail layers in my collage, I’m using a new toy: a microscope! A far cry from what I remember in science lab, this is just a wee thing, plugging into my computer’s USB port. And what fun details I can see!

So far, I’ve had the most success with currency: bank notes and coins have delightful closeups. Handmade fibers are also interesting. Really, anything that can lie flat, so that the focus is even, would work well.

The files are smaller than I’d like, 2500×2000 pixels, compared to my camera’s resolution of 4900×3200, so they can only be used in portions of my compositions. But that is perfect for collage! A little detail here or there adds interest to my layers. Look for some of these texture details in my upcoming work for the year.

Want to give this a try yourself? The microscope is available via (Disclaimer: this is my friend’s company. I don’t get any money for this link, I just like the product, which he gave our family as a gift.) Go ahead — explore microscopic details yourself!


  1. Franla says:

    Very cool Liz.

  2. Liz Ruest says:

    Thanks, Fran!

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