Show: Snap to Grid

Stem: Digital collage © 2013 Liz RuestWhen there’s a place called the Center for Digital Art, I want to be involved! LACDA’s Snap to Grid show is my chance. I’ve entered Stem (right) to be part of this democratic show. Here’s the scoop, from their site:

The usual (less than democratic) selection process where only the precious few are chosen is turned on its head in a curatorial anarchy where everyone gets to participate and the viewer is literally left to be the judge.

Happen to be in the LA area? Here are the details:

  •  Show Dates: December 12, 2013-January 4, 2014
  • Opening Reception: Thursday December 12, 7-9pm

Hmmm, now I’m thinking it’s not a bad place to be this time of year…

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