Show: Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment at University House IssaquahI’m thrilled to have several pieces accepted to this fall show! June Sekiguchi asked me to bring Chess, Continental, In the Round, and Remnants to illustrate the theme.

I’ll be at the reception on Tuesday afternoon, September 17. Will I see you there?

Here’s what I said about these pieces:

Because weathered, rough surfaces encapsulate permanence and change simultaneously, they are a consistent theme in my work. I search them out with my camera, attempt to create them with my printmaking, and manufacture them with layers of collage or encaustic. In the variations of the texture, I see the paths we’ve chosen, or not, and in the new surface that I render, there is yet another attempt to preserve and capture time.


These pieces have texture from concrete, handmade garments, aged gelatin, lace, and stone, to name a few. Two of the pieces are mounted and layered with encaustic for an additional surface treatment. The other two are proposed as prints on aluminum, which has its own surface statement of smooth and shiny.  In addition to the images themselves, the physical interpretation of the images and the many captured layers within the pieces invite meditations on surface and texture.

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  2. Gentilhomme A-marie says:

    I love your work!! I will be there

  3. Liz Ruest says:

    Merci beaucoup, Anne-Marie! I have been thinking of you, and would be delighted to see you.

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