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Wondrous Stories: A Narrative Show at artEASTJoin me for a narrative adventure this fall. I am delighted to have TWO pieces in this show, opening Friday September 13! Both Hemmed and Facing were accepted by curator Leslie Nan Moon, who excels at storytelling herself. Here is the story I submitted:

Digital collage © 2013 Liz RuestIt is wondrous to me that we’re here at all. After moving across the continent, away from my family, I picked up genealogy research as a hobby. French-Canadians like me are in luck: the lineage is very well recorded! As I added name after name to my own family tree, I marveled at the stories behind the many births, deaths, moves, and transitions. My ancestors had a hard life: deciding to leave France, coming over on a long boat journey in the 17th century, finding rocky land to farm, and producing many children into the Roman Catholic fold.

FacingIn my work, I use texture to denote the passage of time, and images of handmade fiber as symbols for the fierce independence needed to live. As I work, using my own modern computer skills, I reflect on the lineage that brought me to this point, and the many hand-crafting skills each family member needed to survive.

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