Working Big

I’m diving in to a large assemblage piece! When artEAST posted a call for this year’s Rookery, I was intrigued. Last year’s baseline led to astounding results but was essentially sculpture, outside my wheelhouse. This year’s baseline is flat. Now that, I might be able to do!

The Starting Point

HeronBaseHere’s my base, a 24″ square of hardboard, cut by June Sekiguchi with her scroll saw, and primed with a gorgeous yellow ochre that I found at the local Daniel Smith store.

Since I normally work in layers with masks, I’m translating that to the physical world. I’m envisioning a textured image on the top surface, of a typical tidelands area where herons are often seen. And I want to use another image behind that, attached to the back of the piece, to show through the cutout: another lake, a different heron locale, and a contrast to the paper.

Adding a Background

Heron with background

I took a risk and printed Constant on shiny aluminum at 20″x20″ — and it fits! (I measured more than twice, to counter my usual hastiness.) You can see it here, peeking through the heron cutout.

My next task was to mount the larger, paper print to the front, without wrinkling it. With the advice of the staff at An Artful Touch, I was all set with my big new jar of Yes! paste. Now I’m working on cutting out the heron parts of the front print, so that the aluminum piece can show through again, and finishing touches of hand-collaged paper.

See for Yourself

Final HeronHere’s how it turned out! The piece was exhibited as part of the Rookery 2013 shows at artEAST and Blakely Hall.

Since I created it for artEAST, I’m donating it to them, as an item for their gala auction, Swirl 2015, in celebration of their 10-year anniversary. Join the party, place a bid!

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