How Big Can You Make That?

File this one under frequently asked questions: it’s all about the dots. You’ve seen pictures on the web blown up too much, so that you see the dots, or pixels, right? When I choose print sizes, I stay on the conservative side, around 300 dots per inch, so that you don’t see any individual pixels, just the image.

I’ve stayed with a maximum of 24″ square for many of my images,  to be safely under the 300 dots per inch guideline. But someone who saw a piece on display  wished it was six feet wide! Could I even do that?

I did some tests with one of my images.  What if I only had half the pixels, or a third? Turns out I could go up to five feet wide if I drop the pixel density by a third, down to 200 dots per inch. That seems like a lot. But I am assured by a professional graphic designer that larger sizes are often printed at lower density.

Over the past year, I have printed larger pieces for custom orders, like the unique copy of connoted mobility, shown, and they turned out beautifully. My newer work starts out even larger,  so I’m moving comfortably into the 36″ range, and can go bigger on demand. Now, the answer is — how big do you want it? Just let me know!

Chime in!