Refreshing Work

better early: Digital collage by Liz Ruest, 10 layersHa ha, see what I did there? My work, it’s so refreshing! And I’m so punny… Seriously now, I refreshed my pieces for display at artEAST, and I’m  inviting you to come by and see them. One great opportunity? The monthly wine walk, coming up next on Friday, April 7th.

For the next few months, I’m bringing in an old favorite, Fusing, plus two more pieces fresh from other shows. This piece, shown, is better early, a 2015 study for two larger pieces, never found again and better than riches; it was on view at The 39 Steps. If you didn’t make it to the Village Theatre, now you can visit it at the gallery.

The other piece, what’s coming to you, was newly printed for its debut at the EAFA Abstract show in Kirkland earlier this year. Now it’s your turn to see it: an abstracted impression of sea, tide & shells. Let me know if you’re in the Issaquah area, and I’ll meet you at the gallery.

Chime in!