Show: Workspring at Marriott Redmond

I was invited to put a digital show together for Workspring, the business area inside the Marriott Hotel at Redmond Town Center. When the VALA curator, Anna Macrae, saw their lovely large screen, she encouraged me to create a proposal. It gave me an opportunity to think about how my images come together, and I decide to show you the beginning of a piece — photography, usually — morphing into the end result. I focused on images that I’ve taken locally, in King & Skagit County. Here’s a sample from the show:

Many of the images here have already been printed or declared as limited editions. For more information, click on any piece:

The full video also features these additional pieces, some of which have not yet been rendered. (That means you can help me decide how large and/or unique a piece you want!) Click any piece for more information.

I hope you get a chance to see the full show running at the Marriott. And if you want more information on any of the images, let me know!