Changing Seasons

Yellows, oranges, reds, browns, and any remaining green? All my favorite colors, all around us during fall.

I made an effort this season to capture the palette before it faded, on several photo shoots with friends and family. Outings to the Seattle Arboretum and Japanese Gardens, to Discovery Park, and a weekend drive along Highway 2 to Index and back yielded a bounty of landscape and warm colors.

One of my first steps was a texture overlay, to see if I could get the sense of that leaf color without any specific outlines. This (left) was the result. Next, I headed to the photos to see what happened when I combined them with this glowing orange-gold.

That seemed to work! Finally, I needed some titles for the pieces, and was inspired by a song from my childhood. Can you put the lyric excerpts together?

I’ve made these images available on my print-on-demand site,, if you need this warm glow to hold you through until spring.

Chime in!