Show: Layers at Sammamish City Hall

Barbara Jirsa had a request. I knew her from artEAST, and she taught at my EDGE program; she  even had a small piece of my work. Now she was looking for a new show to put together for Sammamish City Hall, and all she needed was some art from me, and anyone who made art like me.

Well, what an honor, but I was stumped! Who else layers images, uses digital sources, has work to show locally? Apparently I’ve been alone in my studio too long, because we both found some wonderful art to show, artists I’m thrilled to be exhibiting with. Come to Sammamish City Hall in May to see what I mean. Here are the pieces I’m showing:

Fun quiz! Match each image with its unique characteristic:

  1. Has been shown on the East Coast
  2. Won an award
  3. Available through a Seattle gallery
  4. Has imagery from Scotland

Participating Artists: Liz Ruest, Cheryll Leo-Gwinn, Claire Putney, Iskra Johnson, Phil Stoiber, Aaliyah Gupta, and Amanda Knowles
Reception: Thursday, 24 May, 68 pm
Location: Sammamish City Hall, 801 228th Ave SE, Sammamish, WA
Dates: 23 April – 20 July, 2018, open weekdays 8:305


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