Stay with my Art

When I travel, I love seeing local art — do you? Well, I’m delighted to announce that a handful of my pieces are now adorning the walls of a Seattle rental unit!

Rental unit at Vioure with my art

I’m thrilled to be working with Vioure, a company that decorates and manages rental units in the city. The spaces, promoted as live-in galleries, feature local art, which renters can enjoy while they visit, and purchase to take home if they like. I think it’s a great model for both artists and travelers.

Want to stay in Seattle while surrounded by my art? Check this listing for availability!

Work on Display

Most of the pieces on display are ones I’ve never printed before; a couple of them are courtesy of Lynn Hanson Gallery, who graciously agreed to the plan.

Update: Vioure has announced, sadly, that they’re shutting down. Upside? These pieces will be added to my studio inventory, for easier viewing — you don’t have to rent, just come say hi!

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