Printing Just What You Need

I hit the upload button, and try not to hold my breath — depending on how the internet is feeling today, it could be a bit of a wait. Then — ta da! My work is on, rendered on actual, useful objects, and the thrill has not faded. Look at how my recent winter images display:

After our pandemic year, with no studio open houses or sales, holding onto inventory doesn’t make much sense to me. And I know I can usually use another notebook (like surroundings fade away, shown) or mask, or any number of product options that Redbubble has figured out how to produce.

As part of my periodic systems review, I’ve edited down to some of the images I find the strongest, and reduced my markup to be more in line with other artists there. I’m thinking ahead to using sections of my more abstract work as clothing prints, and as a minor goal, to find an large image that is suitable for a jigsaw puzzle!

Yes, I still have lots of inventory at my studio and my gallery — because keeping no inventory is just a goal at this point. But I’m delighted to have a home for these Redbubble pieces, the ones that might suit your next t-shirt or shopping bag — and they only have to be printed once you’ve made up your mind.

Chime in!