Event: Winter Studio Sale

It’s time to open up the studio doors again — would you like to come by?

When: Saturday December 3rd, 10-4 or by appointment Nov 28-Dec 9
Where: 4604 14th Ave NW in Ballard

Along with the Bazaz sisters, Joan & Nancy, I’ll have new work up, along with some small ornaments, and a few winter-themed notecards. I’ll set out some supplies for you to make gift tags, too.

Inspired by a metal ornament from Nancy last year, I’ve trimmed down collage from a previous project into house-shaped ornaments, mounted to beautiful Fabriano stationery paper, and sealed with cold wax. They look adorable hanging in the window!

My new work, analog collage and printmaking on panel, has been years in the making: it felt like a permanent fixture in the “Work in Progress” section of the studio! But it’s graduated to completed, and I’m delighted to share it with you.

Some of these pieces started as printmaking experiments, with collage added, followed by yet more ink, paint, collage, as I pondered what each piece needed. Others are pieced together from prior collage, like a jigsaw puzzle, to fit their new shape on a wood panel, before being embellished with additional layers. See all the pieces together here: the Analog Aerials project.

This holiday season, with family scattered and no real nexus for celebrating, I still try to create the feeling of being home for the holidays, wherever I am. I hope you can do the same. If visiting the studio in person isn’t up your alley, I completely understand — get in touch; I’d love to show you around the studio in your own private video tour.

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  1. Terri says:

    This is wonderful to read and hope to see it when it’s all ready. Your thoughts inspire me to get going. Staying connected ??

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