Show: All About Trees

I’m delighted to participate in a show in Culver City, CA, pulled together by a fellow artist, Rachel X. Hobreigh. Thanks to her efforts, artists from all over the country have come together to donate all or a portion of their work to help the organization TreePeople plant more trees, steering Southern California to a more water-secure environment, by harvesting rain and renewing depleted landscapes.

I met Rachel through SLMM (The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media), and she’s brought 40 of us SLMMers together, plus 40 West Coast artists, to contribute to this non-profit event to support greener and shadier neighborhoods. Rachel has curated many shows at the Helms Bakery District, and we’re all so appreciative of the work she does to pull all our art into a cohesive presentation, while also bolstering a good cause.


Each of these pieces, below, was printed on bamboo paper and mounted to 4×4 panels, 1.5″ thick.

I’ll also have 2 larger pieces in the show, each printed on 12″x18″ matte aluminum.


Opening Reception: Saturday, December 10, 1-6 pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, January 7, 1-6 pm
Where: The Washington Corridor Gallery, 8723 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

There’s free parking in the interior garage, adjacent to the exhibition, at 8711 Washington Boulevard. I hope you can stop by, admire the wide range of tree art, and support this wonderful cause.

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