Custom Orders

Do you see a piece you’d like? I can print to order in most sizes and on your choice of output medium. Did I skip a product you like on Redbubble? That’s often a cropping choice I made, and can be remedied. Or are you interested in an editioned work, or perhaps a one-of-a-kind piece?

Use this form to let me know your preferences, and I’ll let you know the cost — no obligation! Here are some sample prices to guide you:

 Aluminum Prints Editions Unique*
16″x24″ or 20″x20″ $675, 1 of 5 $950, 1 of 1
24″ square $875, 1 of 5 $1300, 1 of 1
20″x30″ $950, 1 of 3 $1400, 1 of 1
24″x36″ $1100, 1 of 3 $1650, 1 of 1
30″ square $1150, 1 of 3 $1750, 1 of 1
36″ square $1275, 1 of 3 $1950, 1 of 1

*Unique pieces can be created from any digital image that hasn’t yet been printed anywhere; once I create the image, I won’t print it again on any surface or size.

Fields marked with a * are required

First, tell me which images caught your eye. I can work with titles or links (URLs) from this site.

Production Options

Custom print options include:

  • Acrylic: Local printing under plexiglass.

  • Aluminum: Modern metallic shine.

  • Encaustic: Rustic handmade soft glow.

  • Other: Got more ideas? Let me know!

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Size Options

Some images can be enlarged more than others. If I can't produce the size you want, I\'ll let you know how close I can get.

How can I best reach you?

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