Grids (2014-6)

This series of work, created over a three year period, explores the interaction of handmade collages, a gridded composition, and a square format. Paper collages were scanned to use as base and intermediary layers, adding texture and abstraction to my usual photography; scans of printmaking and painting, as well as ephemera from my family history, were gleefully thrown in the mix.  Over time, I explored how the built-up layers represent the choices we’ve made and how their effects build to create our lives.

The work circles around the idea of place, of home, and of destination, and all the decisions we make to choose those locations, or to abandon them. In the desire to find the new, do we also mourn the old, the left-behind places? Does that explain the appeal of a distant horizon, a familiar roofline, a simple bloom?

As we look around our home base, or dream of travels, the views and details we see add up to a set of impressions that never quite translate to the camera, or our recollection. The incorporated details of landscape or  horizon, portals and paths, notation and navigation, all acknowledge the intricate thought process that accompanies a change in place.  The result is a set of related work that invites you to explore, to travel, or to dream of a better place.

See all work in the Grids series here.

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