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Collage notebooksSo, what DOES one do with a year’s worth of collages? I am more than halfway done with my daily collage project, and my thoughts are turning to what’s next. Here is my pile of sketchbooks, getting harder and harder to lie flat.

I have been planning to scan the images, and convert them into digital layers of some sort. What kind of crazy, backwards thinking is that, now that I’ve finally done some work by hand, you might ask. Well, it’s time to find out.

Collage 192, editedHere’s a look at a trial run with #192 of the series. This particular piece is distinguished in several ways: it was created directly on a panel, scanned afterwards, and then was my first sale from this series! I took the original form, added a texture layer and a bit of landscape, and cropped the image just a bit. Now, time to decide: does this look like a promising direction? Is it recognizable as my work? Let me know what you think, while I play around with more options.


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