2014 Portfolio: Building Blocks

Collage 365 Project; Day 300More than a year ago, I started a daily collage project. By spring of 2014, I had not only 365 new pieces, I had found a new muse. Each collage I made taught me more about composition, color, and commitment. This collection of images served as a springboard for my new digital work this year. a mile wide: : Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest Using the scanned collages as a base, I started adding digital layers, and discovered some commonalities: themes of landscape, place, and age; forms of grids and horizons; motifs of texture and pattern.  As I looked for unity in the emerging works, I correlated the layers of collage to the layers of building a story. Just like our stories, and our lives, these pieces are two-dimensional from a distance, but truly, they are more than that. Each layer, from the hand-built paper bases of these images, to the digital renderings added with technical assistance, brings another piece to the story, another twist or turn to the tale. Welcome to my latest series, Building Blocks!

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