In Which I Take On Daily Collages

As a treat for sticking with all the final prep details for the Flying House sale, I promised myself some hands-on art time afterwards. On May 1st, I started a collage-a-day project, inspired by Patti Agapi.


This seems like a crazy idea, overwhelming, and a big commitment. However, now that I’m a few days in, I am finding it quite wonderful! It doesn’t take long, and that’s the point. I need to think less and just DO. I have already been making art on a daily basis for several years now, so this is an extension of that practice. And it’s really helping as a warmup for my composition, color sense, and general creative flow.

My personal parameters: whatever is lying around my laundry room, including old prints, papers, and books I’ve picked up, watercolor paints and pencils. Not too much thinking, completed within a day. Working ahead & behind allowed, with delays in posting — otherwise, it DOES feel like too much work. Want another take on guidelines? See this excellent post: Creating a Series of Collages.

Want to follow along? I will be posting the images here: Collage 365 Project. There are lots more folks posting images of their own daily collages on Twitter: Hey, why not join us?


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