a mile wide

Horizons give my eyes space to wander. Here, I play with multiple distances as resting points for your gaze.

The base collage for this piece is a minimal landscape: a simple horizontal slash of masking tape over graphic dots, with pale texture to occupy the negative space. The layers add to that landscape feel, without, I hope, overdoing it. There are textural composites of golden marble and gray-green, with lichen, bark, fence, trees, and several coastline views as destinations for the eye.

Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest

Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 25 layers
From the 2014: Building Blocks series
Based on day 300 of my daily collage project, 2013-2014


Shown at Lynn Hanson Gallery in Seattle, January 2018
Exhibited in The Seven at EAFA Gallery in May & June, 2017
Exhibited at Windermere in Edmonds, July/August 2016
Exhibited at Lynn Hanson Gallery, Seattle, WA, June 2016
Exhibited in Layered Stories, Sammamish, WA, summer 2015
Signed, limited edition 30×30 print on matte aluminum: corporate collection, Silver Glen

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