Show: Lynn Hanson Gallery

Excitement abounds: I’ll be in a group show in Pioneer Square in Seattle this month! Lynn Hanson, a fellow EDGE graduate, has graciously offered our class her space for a show. Come see us  Thursday, June 2 during the Seattle First Thursday art walk.

Taking a Leap

EDGE Graduates 2016
Unchained-Melody by Sharon Grader
Unchained Melody by Sharon Grader: encaustic on panel, 18×12

Encouraged by the carnies and their friends, a group of strangers board an amusement park ride. They have no idea what’s ahead of them, but they take the leap, and strap themselves in. There are tough dips and exhilarating heights, and growing friendships. Thoughts of bailing are met with stabilizing hands and life rings, and guides show up to help steer them on the long and twisty ride. What’s at the end of the ride? Another leap – of creativity!

My work displayed above Kimberly Wayne’s ceramics

The show will have work from our entire graduating class — a very diverse group. Among us, there is an age span of over four decades, and widely varying backgrounds, experience levels, and mediums. We’ve been administrators, teachers, actors, programmers, students, accountants, gallery owners, and graphic designers, and we  work in oils, mixed media, encaustic, watercolor, ceramics, welding, collage both manual and digital, and photography. Each of us is ready to leap into the next phase of our careers. Please join us in celebrating our art and our future.


Seattle First Thursday Art Walk, Thursday, June 2, at Lynn Hanson Gallery in the Tashiro-Kaplan building, 312 S Washington St, from 5–8 pm.

Let me know if you’d like an invitation to the closing reception on June 25.

Exhibiting Artists

Meredith Arnold, Sandra Ayala, Anne Cameron, Tracy Carson, Jan Clem, Debbie Drllevich, Sharon Grader, Lynn Hanson, Sonya Lang, Wendy Lee Lynds, Kathleen Moore, Liz Ruest, Christina Scott, and Kimberly Wayne

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