Show: Normandy Park Arts Festival

Last week, I steeled myself to bring a few pieces of mine to a small town 45 minutes south of me. Let me put that in context for you by saying, it’s hard to get there from where I am, without going by the airport. Read that as: busy, all the time! I chose 3 pieces that I thought hung well together, like so, and delivered them mid-week:

The pieces would just be there for a weekend arts festival. Great, no problem. I planned to get them back Sunday afternoon, not quite putting together that now I’d be coming from another meeting to the north. Not only did I have to get through a city, and airport traffic, but a game was letting out just then too! As I arrived, a bit relieved that the place wasn’t locked down yet, what a surprise to hear: “Liz! We’ve been waiting for you!”

Unexpectedly, and delightedly, I’d won not one, but TWO ribbons in my category of digital media. Those pieces get to stay in the City Hall council chambers for another 6 weeks! Thank you to the Normandy Park Arts Festival, the city of Normandy Park, and jurors Barbara Noonan and Flynn Bickley.

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