Process: What Makes a Good Detail?

Sometimes, the same images that are good focal points are also great as details. The difference is that details might get covered up by other layers, and need strength to poke through and catch your eye. I found myself reusing images over this series, not only because they are strong images that work through layers, but because they recall themes for me.

Do any of these look familiar? Here’s the rundown on some of my favorite images:

  • Marble tile mosaic from a Tiffany ceiling in Chicago echoes a vintage age.
  • Lichen on stone brings a pattern to the layers, and a sense of age and decay.
  • A microscopic detail from Scottish bills adds curves and historic elegance.
  • Trees covered with lichen stand not only for longevity but add a great horizontal line.

See which ones you spot in, say, feast upon, food and shelter, bit of peril, come and get him, can summon fire, answer me these, or a mile wide. Or, even better, come to the show at Ryan James and see feast upon for yourself!

Chime in!