food and shelter

The colors and textures in this piece bring to mind Roman ruins in Provence. I wonder why that is? The base collage is not particularly French or Roman: it has monoprint scraps, some book text, and a marked up piece of green paper that I used as a catchall when working.

The digital layers help bring together a sense of that French ancestral family connection. There’s a small detail from a beach fence in Normandy, and some rooftops from the south of France. Then I added mosaic tile and marble details that make me think of old Roman construction, even though they’re from Chicago! The color wash, from a grid of leaf prints, adds the terracotta hue that is so much a part of Provence.  It’s balanced by some green from watercolor washes and a boat wake. Texture from stone, microscopic details, and barnacles add a sense of age.

food and shelter: Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest

Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 28 layers
From the 2014: Building Blocks series
Based on day 199 of my daily collage project, 2013-2014


Accepted to Linus Galleries‘ online exhibition Montage.
Recognized with an Award of Excellence in Four Points Contemporary’s 4th Biannual online exhibition.

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  1. Liz, what is the text here from?

  2. Liz Ruest says:

    Going back to the source file to be sure, looks like the only layer with text is the original collage, here: Some old French books that I dared to rip up!

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