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In my family history, generations worked the same farmland. I get that same feeling in the Skagit valley, as the flat fields fade to the horizon, with just a few roof peaks and trees for interest.

Masking tape created texture in the base collage layer, strips of remnants continued the horizontal lines, and a color wash warmed it up. I used two different Skagit horizons as a focal line, with rocks and red birch bark for texture, and verdigris, terracotta, and stone for a sense of age, as well as warmth.

Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest
Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 18 layers
From the 2014: Building Blocks series
Based on day 293 of my daily collage project, 2013-2014.


Signed, limited edition 30×30 print on matte aluminum: corporate collection, Silver Glen

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