Skagit Horizons

Skagit3 Have you driven through the Skagit Valley in northwestern Washington? I find it beautiful all year, not just during its famous tulip season. The horizons are visible for miles!

That I grew up in a farming area likely explains why I’m drawn to these views. My home town, in the Ottawa Valley, has similar terrain.

Skagit1A friend & I drove up recently, ostensibly to see tulip fields in full bloom. But I had a secret plan: to capture the long horizons of trees, barns, and fields. Luckily for me, we ran into construction delays, which meant I could take my time with shots through the window.

Skagit2It’s tricky to get a decent shot otherwise, as the shoulders along the back roads are notoriously thin, too narrow to pull over onto. Taking it slow was perfect.

I’m pleased with the results of our road trip, and the tulip colors were spectacular to boot. Expect to see these images showing up as layers or focal points in my upcoming body of work.

What terrain are you inspired by? Is it similar to your home territory, or completely different?


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