20 Days of Art

More daily art, Liz — really? Yep! Spurred by a call for art at my local gallery, artEAST, I signed up to create 20 pieces of art in 20 days.

The Process

I knew I wanted to end up with 20 images, and that I wanted to explore removing and obscuring layers, not just adding them. So I decided to work on a series of 4 at a time, getting a bunch of layers down first. Also knowing that the blank page is intimidating, I focused on getting that white covered up. And as part of a normal process for me, I scanned each image after working on it. Here’s how the first layer looked on each piece.

The Techniques

The backgrounds above, are all paint, applied with a scraper, bunched-up paper, and then this awesome palette knife, which can leave some great textures in its wake.

Day 12 of 20I also used collage, more paint, and some erasing techniques using various sanding implements — you can see a bit of that in the text by the knife. Up my sleeve still: tape to pull away layers, and maybe some power tools!

While I’d normally reserve this time just for finishing up my current body of work for the year, it’s actually been refreshing to have some hands-on time to balance out all the administrative details involved with documenting the finished pieces. Plus, I just know this work will end up in next year’s images somehow. Stay tuned to see the final results, which will be displayed at artEAST in October.

Update: Day 15

Here’s a sample of how one piece (#5) has evolved over time, with 6 iterations.
From the initial pink background with salt for texture, I added kraft paper collage, then sanded it away a bit. Next, I applied buff titanium applied with the palette knife, added more collage, and finally used a brayer to roll out a soft blue over most of it.

Update: Day 20

Here’s a quick look at all the final pieces, each with 6-7 iterations.

Final 20 Days piecesI’m happy with the palette cohesion, am particularly pleased with horizontal lines, less so with the diagonal compositions, and overall very happy with the hands-on approach to making, and obscuring, these layers. I think these are a great starting point for digital layering, and even more hands-on work in parallel.

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  1. Just wonderful, Liz! I love your slide show progression. Very intriguing and decorative! The colors are luscious.

  2. Liz Ruest says:

    Thank you so much, Susan!

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