Collages Two Ways

When I created 20 collages in 20 days this summer, I wanted to see where else I could take them. Now that #20daysofart members have shared their work, I’m off and running again. To recap, here are 6 of my 20 original collages, scanned into digital form.

I’ve used each of these collages as a digital layer, as I normally do,  with layers of  photographs and color fields, to produce these abstracted landscapes.

And I’ve continued working on the original collages: mounting them to wood panels, applying (and removing) paint and more collage, scraping, sanding, and doing it again. Here’s a stopping point for them.

I like how I can see just a few echoes of the original collages in these heavily-worked pieces, and that the palette stayed in at least the same vicinity.


Collage works for me in many ways: as a prime for my creative pump, as more of a direct line to intuitive composition, and as a way to engage hands-on. This process just confirms it: I don’t need 20 days, or 365 days of collages, I just need to keep making collages.

Adding all the manual work and rework, though, is an awakening. In creating the layers of these pieces by hand, I’m duplicating the processes of time, feeling the texture and smoothness with my hands, and building up physical evidence of our passing through history. That is work I want to use, and make more of.

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