2016 Portfolio: Factors

I got through all the process steps — my 2016 work is ready for you to see! Here’s a peek into the thinking that contributed to all the layers in my work, in no particular order:

calculations • my son leaving for college • linguistics • genetics • migration • decision-making • a sense of home • the itch to travel • the need to move • rejuvenation • community • choices • planning • serendipity

Digital collage, 66 layersWhile adjusting to an empty nest, and all that extra time to make art, I enjoyed hearing how my son was adapting to his new life away from home. His move to college made me think of my move from Canada to the US, from the middle of the continent to the coast. Of course, I also thought of my own time at university, of being at that same point in my life, with new independence and challenging classes. So many options, so many choices to make! I found myself drawn to two kinds of images:  paths, doors, and windows, representing immediate choices we’re all faced with; and handwriting and graphs, signifying planning and weighing options.

Digital collage, 61 layersOn top of this, there was the constant news of refugees fleeing from danger — overwhelming numbers of people needing accommodation, and the countries taking them in as they could.  I started to broaden my thinking beyond economically supported moves: moves of desperation, and of the paths of human migration over decades and centuries. Even though some of us are fortunate to be able to plan travel or choose where we live, others, like many of our ancestors, have fewer options and have been forced to leave their homes.

genitive presuppositionAs I kept in touch with my son over the school year, I heard about new friends and inspiring classes, particularly linguistics, and the commonalities of language. Researching a bit more, I was fascinated to find that our history of moving around the planet has been mapped, not only by genetic testing, but by linguistics as well. Inspired, I drew from linguistic terms, as well as allusions to migration, to cap the final piece of my process: those elusive titles.

I hope you see that range of experiences somewhere in these images, and can reflect on your own sense of place, your experience with emigration or travel, and what brings you back home again.

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  1. Elizabeth Mitchell says:

    I love this portfolio! First impressions: I really like the contrasted layers, particularly in Connoted Mobility, which has the precise mathematical formulas and the ink blotches. The colors combinations are subtly brilliant. I’ll need more time just to gaze at these: I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Liz Ruest says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth!!

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