Priming the Pump

During the summer, my energy goes toward polishing and publishing a body of work. Now that’s wrapped up, how to get moving again? Here are a few options I bounce between, to build up momentum for another year of work.

Develop Photographs

_nik5399-editAll those new images I’ve captured need a good going over in Lightroom, my digital darkroom software. With some exposure tweaks and maybe a little cropping, I might find more gems than I saw on the first pass.

Make Collages

grief8Even when I’m not in the middle of a daily challenge, I like to keep some collage sketches on the go. This latest series was as simple as variations on a black-on-white square.

Print Collagraphs and Colors

salmonprintOnce I’ve scanned any of my current collages, I like to run them through the printer, to capture another version. I can also use my printmaking press to help me explore a palette of colors.

It seems I work better when I have a few choices, a few directions to explore. How about you? What works to get you moving in a creative direction?


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  1. alison says:

    I like to make lots of lists for myself, with little doodles. Then something usually catches my interest, and I have the list as inspiration when I have creative energy but no ideas.

  2. Liz Ruest says:

    Love it, Alison!

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