New Work: Familiar Territory

Can landscapes help you feel at home, even when you’re not? I’ve been in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years (whaaat??) and have been enjoying the peace and solitude of Skagit County’s vistas all that time. There’s something about the long, flat horizon there that reminds me of where I’m from. So when I need a break, when I want to feel a semblance of what seems like home, I can come here and reset, feel some respite.  I hope these images can work the same effect on you.

I’ve chosen images with a strong horizon, and to each of them I’ve added layers of color and history, most obviously from a composite capture of local lichen. I like where these ended up; look for more along this line in the future. They are available as custom orders directly, where you & I determine the print run together, and as cards and accessories from my print-to-order site,

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