Time for a Change

It’s almost fall, and that means it’s time for new work. At least on my calendar, from the last few years. But not this time. I’ve been doing some big thinking, and as much as I’d like to tell you that the work is coalescing into a unified body of work, it’s not: it’s still evolving.

I’m thinking about changes in all kinds of directions, conceptually and practically.

  • Exploring themes of grief & renewal
  • Composing  rectangles instead of squares
  • Including encaustics, pastels, fabric as layers
  • Printing on paper instead of aluminum

Much of the work is heading in those directions, all at once! And I’m exploring it all, researching my options and trying very hard to pare down to a unified look. So, here’s the new plan: I will continue to work on smaller, detail pieces — see Familiar Territory, for example; I will continue to work on larger, themed images, as shown here by some work in progress;  and I will let all of that take as long as it needs to, while still chasing my muse on a daily basis. Watch this space to see what develops!

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  1. Sounds scary and exciting too. I’m feeling similar stuff.

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