Residency: Scottish Palette

I’m harvesting the images from my recent trip to Scotland to turn them into a working palette, a color summary of the trip. I saw fields of hay, old textured stone, swaths of sandy beach, and yes, even blue skies, inspiring me to create this selection of photo composites.

The pink was inspired by Pictish standing stones, as well as marine rust and some persistent hydrangeas. Gold is of course from the hay fields and Highland grasses, especially with a sunset glow. The blue combines skies, water, and beach texture, while the green pulls in grasses, lichen, and moss.

Each of these colors is built up from 4-5 individual photographs, with adjustments for brightness, contrast, and so on — the usual darkroom tricks, as described previously in this post, Anatomy of a Layer.  Once I have some colors to work with, I pull them in as layers for my photos, using both the color and texture to enhance the composition.

Want to know how I used these textures? See the whole project here.

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