Scotland Residency (2017)

A two-week trip in the Scottish Highlands in the fall of 2017 produced this progression of work. As is usual with my process,  digital compositions were  created from detailed imagery, handmade paper collages and layers of color (all created once I was home) using the photography and sketches I captured  on location.


These pieces, the final part of the process, were built from elements in the sections below.


Quick explorations that combine photographs and a palette of textures. Once I have developed a palette and chosen some images as focal points, I start combining them to create these.

Some of these images — the ones with linked captions — are available as open-edition prints on my site.


Paper studies of composition and color. I created some of these on site, others once I got back, and all with source material found in Scotland.


A textured palette of combined photographs, using images I gathered from the trip to create the colors I saw there.


These quick impressions were drawn on location.


I came home with over 400  images worth considering. Here’s a selection, rendered in black & white for clarity.

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