Adaptive Horizons (2017-)

Work that looks forward, and considers how we process change in our lives & surroundings. Spurred by a move to the city from the suburbs, I used my new view to capture urban imagery and tucked them into abstracted landscapes.

These pieces incorporate digital composite textures, digital photography, scans of handmade collage, encaustic monoprints, and collagraph prints.

The initial pieces for this series were shown in 2019 at Lynn Hanson Gallery, and, if listed on the gallery site, are available exclusively through the gallery. Click any title link for details.

See all pieces in the series here, the story of the series development here, and an update here.

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  1. Great to see you last night, Liz, at SAM! All the fascinating changes…living in Belltown, studio in Ballard! You Go, Girl….

  2. Liz Ruest says:

    Thanks, Susan! I’d love to run into you more often — it’s been too long.

  3. CeCe Sullivan says:

    Your work is stunning. Congratulations.

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