Recycled Horizon Sketches

I was faced with a pile of packing paper. An environmental improvement on peanuts, it’s normally destined for the recycling bin. But it was a lovely warm khaki green! I couldn’t pass it up, palette-wise, so I combined it with the last few pages of a sketchbook, and recycled it right into some horizon studies.

Even as a child, my doodles resembled layers of distant horizons, and I find myself chasing that same visual, as I make collages, take photographs, even when I travel. That pile of crinkled green paper was a satisfying, simple way to explore the form, and as a bonus, to create a series that I can develop. I’m looking forward to using the scanned collages as layers, and to continuing to manipulate them by hand: as printmaking plates, as a base for more collage, or as underpaintings — who knows? Here’s one promising outcome: diptychs!

These shreds of paper, in their new collage homes, will start showing up in my work in progress: to stay tuned, follow me on Instagram to see if you spot any telltale green!

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